Our Mission

“As a creative team of retail specialists, we listen to our clients and consistently deliver successful solutions, improving retail brand propositions and increasing turnover and profit. We achieve this with professionalism, honesty, hard work and humour.”

Elio Buizza | CEO

Making It Happen

We are a UK Based multi-national business operating worldwide with a large and prestigious Client and Brands portfolio.

We are driven to provide cost effective solutions for multiple retail, commercial and hospitality sectors.

We are able to execute this by utilising our extensive experience and expertise which comes as part of our service, bringing our clients visions to life.

Our Experience

Founded by passion. Driven by people. Proven by success. We have over 20 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge.

No Limits. We are wherever you are in the world. We have operated in over 60 countries worldwide.

Working with over 70 recognised brands. We bring our clients visions to life.

Partnerships that last. We have developed long-lasting working relationships with over 50 International suppliers.

Our Brand Values


Honesty is fundamental to who we are.
We have embraced an honest approach to our business that has ensured us strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.


Humour is integral and important to who we are and how we operate. We have a culture that embraces positive humour valuing our people. Our working environment is instrumental in how we deliver success.


Teamwork is built on collaboration.
It expresses our passion to create an engaging and inclusive work environment. Whilst we recognise that our individuals have power, we believe that collaboration and teamwork have a far greater power.

Our Key Members
Elio Buizza
“The Boss”
Joe Giammalva
Head of Operations
“The Ice Man”
Oscar Buizza
Head of Business
“Mr. Detail”
Liam Gaziano
Head of Commercial
"The Wingman"
Britt Hitchcock
Head of Procurement
"The Professor"
Hannah Perry
Head of Accounts
“The Organiser”
Paul Moir
Project Director
"Mr. Experience"
Ian Petherwick
Head of Development
"The Artist"